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Critter Sitter Pampered Pets, LLC

Pet Sitting Services in NE Columbia & Blythewood, South Carolina

the "INN" Place to Stay





                      "HOME" is                        
                                       the "INN" PLACE  to  STAY
                                              Insured and Bonded
                                       Serving Blythwood and NE Columbia, SC

                                                         PET SITTING SERVICE

               Your pet remains in their own environment
where they are most  comfortable 
               and familiar with their surroundings. 

               Your pet isn't exposed to illnessess or parasites from other animals 

               Your pet sitter ensures that your pets diet and daily routine remain uninterrupted
               This is especially important if your pet requires special foods, vitamin supplements, 
               or is taking medications.

               Our service is often less than kenneling, especially if you have multiple pets.

               Your pet sitter ensures your pet receives individual love, attention and care.

               Your pet isn't traumatized by travel or unfamiliar surroundings.

                Your Home is made more secure by our presence.



    This is the newest and largest member of my family "Panda", a Great Dane.  I hope to train and certify him as a Therapy dog :0)






    Let me introduce you to some of my
    Fur-legged Family members


       Hi I'm Bentley                       My family included Horses for            Hi I'm Goose                   Hi I'm Oreo
                                                       many years.  It sure was difficult 
                                                       getting everyone to pose for this
                                                       photo :0)

                                         Contact Us at 803-240-3452, Or
                                    E-mail us at 
                                                          with any questions you may have!      

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